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Preventing Menstrual Migraines

Bottom Line

For many women, monthly menstruation means monthly migraines. In addition to hormone changes, your diet, physical activity, and stress levels all contribute to this pattern. While pregnancy and menopause are two ways to eliminate these types of headaches, we also have a few more practical ways to find relief!

Why it Matters

New research recommends Chiropractic adjustments as part of an evidence-based approach to reducing the pain associated with migraine headaches. Regular adjustments can both help reduce the stress on the muscles that support your neck and improve your range of motion. By keeping active, reducing your stress, maintaining enough hydration, and staying well adjusted, you’ll give your body the best opportunity to manage those monthly hormonal changes and take the first step towards ending your migraine headaches! - Hormonal changes cause monthly migraines for millions of women. - Stress has been shown to have a significant impact on hormonal balance. - Adjustments are recommended as an evidence-based approach to reducing both migraine headaches and overall levels of stress.

Next Steps

Did you suffer from migraine headaches before coming into our practice? If so, stop by the front desk and let us know! Sharing your journey and how Chiropractic care helped you find relief may inspire someone else in our community to take action and find a natural solution to their headaches.

Science Source

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