About Us

At Exodus Health in Cornelius, we are a hands-on spine alignment clinic that believes in exceptional care for the unique needs of each and every patient who walks through our door. We look at a person’s whole history so we can gain a better understanding of their health.

Whether you’re searching for relief from lower back pain, severe headaches or simply in need of some guidance on living a healthier lifestyle, our chiropractic doctors are here to help Cornelius residents get where they want to go. More importantly we want to help you maintain a life full of good health and vitality through a personal treatment plan, all within a comfortable setting.

Our chiropractic doctors will meet with you at our Cornelius office for a one-on-one concerning your personal needs and health history, and decide how to move forward with our most effective treatment options and services. Each person is unique, so your care plan will be customized to meet your unique health and wellness goals. Let’s get started!

Our Doctors

Dr. Brandon Mahaffy

My desire to help people get well started when my mom would tell me of her travels as a home healthcare nurse. Her stories of the suffering people she saw every day was not something I was ready to accept as “normal.” At the same time, my family members were suffering from chronic diseases like Parkinson’s, thyroid issues, cancer, diabetes and many others. This sparked my relentless search for a better solution than what our traditional healthcare system offered. Through much study and research, I discovered that most chronic diseases were preventable, based on lifestyle habits and most importantly HOW to overcome them naturally!

I am so blessed to have found a program that educates, trains and helps others to “Take hold of the life they are promised!” What brings me the most fulfillment in my job is helping patients transition from constantly “managing symptoms” to feeling better than they have in years thanks to new found energy - allowing them to live a FULL life of vitality!

Dr. Natalie Mahaffy

I have been an athlete my whole life, dedicating my time and passion into gymnastics and diving. I was a collegiate diver at Northern Arizona University and also completed a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science.

At college, I learned first hand how much seeing a chiropractor could positively affect an athlete’s career, after a car accident that almost took away half of my senior year of competing. It was also during that time period where I realized that I was called to be a Chiropractor and help other athletes reach their full athletic potential.

Since then, it has been my desire to serve the masses as a Chiropractor and allow them to experience life like I was able to in college. I graduated from the most prestigious health and wellness university in the world, Life University in Marietta, Georgia. During my time at Life University, I met and married my husband, Dr. Brandon Mahaffy, and together we have started a new life and new family in Huntersville, North Carolina.

Our Staff


Born and raised in Ohio, I moved to the great state of North Carolina after earning my Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from Ohio University, to pursue my Master’s degree at Appalachian State University.

I used to feel that the hospital setting was the only career path for me. I felt like it would be such a rush to see a variety of people with even more of a variety of nutrition-related conditions. Unfortunately, what I found was that people in the hospital are there because they are sick. They were not seeking my advice, nor did they carry it home with them.

Before becoming a part of the Exodus Health team, I was a practice member who valued my results from receiving consistent chiropractic care. So much so that I drove 4 hours each week to get my adjustments! Now, being a part of a wellness team has allowed me to experience members who are active in their health and wellness journey, appreciate all of the advice that we give, and take action in their lives so that they are able to live happier and healthier each and every day.