At our leading chiropractic and auriculotherapy clinic in Cornelius, we are proud to offer this unique and specialized alternative treatment that alleviates health conditions and relieves pain in different areas of the body.


What is Auriculotherapy?

It originally comes from the Chinese form of medicine called Acupuncture, and is often referred to as Ear Acupuncture. The procedure works to stimulate the auricle of the external ear for the diagnosis and treatment of health conditions in other parts of the body.

How does this therapy work exactly?

Upon the stimulation of the ear’s reflex points, the pathology related to the underlying symptoms of a specific health condition can be greatly affected. Much like acupuncture, only targeted on the external ear. Your body has energy lines that run through it and these are connected to specific parts of your body that can be manipulated to relieve pain with pressure.

What are the ways in which the ear can be stimulated?

The ear has specific reflex points that can be stimulated or manipulated using a variety of tools: needles, lasers, magnets, or manual pressure.

How affective is it?

It can greatly help reduce pain associated with a variety of health conditions when used on its own, however, it is typically used in conjunction with other treatments and procedures.

Your full body well-being is our number one goal when you walk through the doors of our chiropractic and auriculotherapy clinic in Cornelius. That’s what we hope to achieve not only with our regular chiropractic care plans but also through specific techniques that can give you some much needed pain relief. It’s not about simply getting rid of your pain or symptoms with a one and done approach but maintaining optimal health for your best years to come. Give our chiropractor doctors in Cornelius a call to learn more about Auriculotherapy, or Ear Acupuncture.