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What You & Melania Trump May Have In Common

Much can be debated on genetically modified or engineered foods, but really anything that is grown using toxic pesticide spray we’re gonna take a pass on. It’s just not justifiable to ingest something that can also make an insect explode, but hey if you’re into that sort of thing go right ahead.

The First Lady, however, is NOT into that sort of thing. She has made it publicly clear she is banning products from the biotech giant, Monsanto, which has pretty much infiltrated the grocer industry. Unfortunately, 70-80% of American processed foods contain genetically engineered ingredients.

7 GMO Foods In Your Kitchen

Claiming to be a full-time mom and a proud one at that, you may have more in common with the First Lady than you think. Her research about the ingredients in many foods her family was eating led her to take a strong stand against this unnatural process.

Health problems and disease can come from a variety of sources, but Melania is making sure it’s not coming from the food she and her family are eating. See? Sounds like a good mom to us! It’s definitely a commitment, but after reading the numerous side effects these GMO foods are producing, it’s a commitment worth making!


GMO Side Effects



Legal action is being taken daily on behalf of the health of Americans trying to make good decisions. Pressing the FDA to require more accurate and transparent labeling is definitely a big one, and right now it’s strictly voluntary if they want to include GMO information on their products.

Sometimes you’ll see “Partially produced with genetic engineering”, but even then it’s not really required for them to even have that. Wanting to provide natural, healthy foods for your family is important to all moms, no matter what color of house you live in.

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